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Dose Signature Blend

Dose Signature Blend

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 Our signature blend was the first blend in our Dose line-up, and remains a tried and true cornerstone. It begins with a foundation of a washed Honduras from the St. Lucia family. This creates a base layer of rich chocolate and caramel notes with some nuttiness. From there we add in some Ethiopia Guji washed and natural. Same coffee, processed two different ways, to create a bit of fruitiness, depth and complexity. 

The culmination of these coffees result in an easy drinking, all day sipper of a brew. This is a coffee that can stand up on its own, or can handle your cream and sugar, or alternative milk of choice.

Components: 50% Honduras St. Lucia Family Washed, 30% Ethiopia Guji Washed, 20% Ethiopia Guji Natural

Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Berries, Nutty

Fulfilled by our friends at Methodical Coffee
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When will my order ship?

We roast to order and ship Monday-Thursday. Orders are usually fulfilled the production day after they are placed (for example, orders placed on Monday will ship on Tuesday). Orders placed Thursday-Sunday will be fulfilled and shipped on Monday.

Can my coffee be ground?

By you? Yes. By us, sadly, no. Currently, we can only ship whole-bean coffee.

What if my package is delayed?

Freshness is critical to fully enjoying coffee. We roast to order to ensure your coffee is at peak freshness when it arrives. Sometimes our shipping partners experience delays due to weather, heightened demand, technical issues, pandemics, or aliens. All of which is out of our hands, except the aliens, but that's not for here.

If your package is delayed, let us know and we'll track it down and escalate its delivery. If it's delayed more than 2 weeks past the shipment date, and your order includes coffee, we'll either refund your money or ship you fresh coffee at no cost.